Rained Out


RainedOut is a service utilized by The RECing Crew to inform participants of game and/or event cancellations. Members can register to receive text message cancellation updates on games or events by clicking on the link below.

You can sign-up from this link: Join The RECing Crew text alerts on RainedOut

There is no extra subscriptions cost to receive these alerts, however standard message rates and data charges from your carrier may apply.


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FAQs for Rained Out

Is there any cost to subscribers to receive alerts?

There is no fee for joining or receiving alerts. However, standard text messaging rates may apply. The cost of receiving a RainedOut alert text message is no more than any other text message your subscribers may receive. If your subscribers have any concern regarding the cost for messaging, we ask that they consult with their mobile carrier.


Where can I see a list of users?

RainedOut no longer collects usernames or any personal information from subscribers. Users subscribe their devices individually, without need to remember a username or password for RainedOut.

Since there aren’t any “users”, RainedOut no longer displays any subscriber information to the RainedOut administrators. This provides the greatest level of privacy protection for the subscribers.


Are subscribers going to get “spammed”?


No. RainedOut is a “zero spam” service. We do not sell, disclose, or trade personal information. Please visit http://omnilert.com/privacy.html to review our privacy policy online.


You can read more information at http://www.omnilertsupport.com/rainedout/help/